Welcome to Our Ministries

At Truth and Life Empowerment Community Ministries Inc, we offer a variety of ministries designed to support and empower our community. We welcome everyone to join us in our mission to create a safe and nurturing space for all people.

Our Ministries

Youth Programs

Our youth programs provide a safe and supportive space for young people to learn, grow, and thrive. From educational support to mentorship, we are committed to nurturing the next generation.

Community Outreach

Through various outreach programs, we strive to make a positive impact in the community. From food drives to volunteer initiatives, we are dedicated to serving others with love and compassion.

Spiritual Counseling

Our spiritual counseling services provide a listening ear and wise guidance for those seeking support and spiritual direction. We offer a compassionate and non-judgmental space for reflection and healing.

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Armor Bearer:

  • To assist the pastor from the moment the pastor steps on to the church grounds.

  • Pray over the pastor before and after service and when needed.

  • Also making sure that the Pastor has the necessary water and juice when preaching.

  • Make sure the pulpit is tidy.

  • Serve next to the Pastor when ministering during altar call and other times necessary. (Post- front row of Sanctuary.  Report to post 20 minutes prior to start of service).

Minister of Music:

  • To assist the worship service with music.

  • To assist with supporting the Praise Team

  • Begin ministering in worship music fifteen minutes prior to service. 

  • Lead the band in songs (Report to post 15 minutes prior to the start of service.) 


  • Serve as the first point of contact when guests/members enter  the sanctuary.

  • Help seat members and guests in the appropriate area of the sanctuary.

  • Assist with directing members during Communion and Offering Time.

  • Work closely with the Sanctuary Team Coordinator during the Altar Call time etc.   (Post is back of the Sanctuary. Report to post at 10:15 am).

Sanctuary Coordinator

  • To assist the Elders and Pastor during altar call prayer time.

  • When assisting leadership, Sanctuary team members must stand behind the person in prayer.

  • Will need to be able to safely help those who have been engulfed by the spirit.  (Will need to carry blanket and tissues at all times)

  • In addition, the Sanctuary team will need to place water on the pulpit when the Pastor gets ready to preach.

  • Also will make sure that all necessary items are in place in the pulpit.

  • Will work closely with the Armor Bearer throughout the service.

  • Post will be on the opposite side of front row from the Armor Bearer report to post 15 minutes prior to service 

Chief Intercessory Prayer Warrior

  • Must arrive at church thirty minutes prior to the start of service.

  • Start interceding prior to the begining of service.

  • Constantly staying in tune with the service and the Spirit.

  • Assist the Pastor in prayer during the Altar Call. 

  • Work Closely with the Armor Bearer during times of level of worship.

  • Post will be to seat in the center chair on front row of the sanctuary.  Report to post at 10:15 am (Fifteen  minutes prior to service).

Discover the joy of serving and making a difference in the lives of others. Become a part of our ministries and experience the power of community and empowerment.